Mantras and Meditation

Mantras :

Typically a “Mantra” is a sacred utterance, a sound, a syllable, or group of words in Sanskrit believed by many to have psychological and spiritual powers. A mantra may or may not have literal meaning. It can be said that each Mantra has a specific purpose.

Hindu mantras may be spoken aloud, inaudible or not spoken and recited in the mind but correct pronunciation of a mantra is must to achieve the desired result. Mantra japa is a practice of repetitively uttering the same mantra for an auspicious number of times, the most popular being 108 times.

Reciting brings powerful positive vibrations to your surroundings. Vibrations being the ultimate source of creation, help one manifest the true purpose of reciting that Mantra.

Meditation :

Be Awake! The true purpose of a meditating mind is to become calm, stress-free, at peace and positive. The practice of meditation also referred to as Dhyana in Hinduism and Buddhism is essential for building up of Life Energy and Compassion within us.

Continuous and regular practice of meditation opens up the mind to experience to vast portals of existence beyond the Human consciousness.

As per the Bhagavad-Gita meditation  is described as a state caused by the spontaneous awakening of the sacred energy Kundalni, which creates a connection of the individual soul with universal spirit. Internal and external signs of this state are clearly defined: the body is cured of diseases; the mind is serene, at rest with no thoughts; a stream of ambrosia is poured inside the body of the yogi, accompanied by a feeling of tremendous joy and bliss.

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